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Unclutter Any Area Of Your Home

We have so much stuff coming into our lives. The challenge is to decide what we really need in order to feel calm and be productive… and what to do with the rest of it.

Hildy Neumann doesn’t just organize your life, she transforms the way that you think about things and space. She pares down the clutter to what’s essential, making room for your home to work as it should.

From closets to home offices, Hildy finds the balance between your stuff and your space. And if your “stuff” is more than just the material, Hildy can show you how to manage your time and information – whether on paper or on your computer. Now, how amazing would THAT feel?

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  • R.S., Brookline MA
    I wish I had taken “before” pictures of our office so the end result (we’re almost there!) would be even more impressive than just seeing our lovely, sorted-out space.  And best of all, everything is now organized and labeled so we can find EVERYTHING!  This was a project that was too daunting for us to tackle or make time for, and Hildy has guided us, kept us on track, and been wonderful to work with.
    R.S., Brookline MA
  • H.W., Newton MA
    You are the most organized person in the world and you are patient and compassionate in helping people to ‘get to the other side’.
    H.W., Newton MA
  • T.S., Brookline MA
    Hildy is amazing... She is serious about her work and is very professional in her work. I love the fact that she can find homes for your treasures that are hard to part with, discards "trash" responsibly, and that I don't have to think about how and where I am going to discard items. [I think of her] thoughtfulness as she goes through possessions and the questions she asks regarding making hard decisions "to keep or discard". I also am impressed with the fact that she doesn’t waste time chit chatting... that she is incredibly pleasant and extremely focused... So if people are looking for a "new best friend" she is that person when it comes to reorganizing and decluttering ... She has a methodical approach and yet is flexible enough in her style, thinking, creativity and time to meet individual needs. She is always positive and no one would ever know how horrified she might feel with the messes that she deals with.
    T.S., Brookline MA
  • A.B., Newton MA
    An effort worthy of one of those HGTV shows.
    A.B., Newton MA
  • H.F.K., Newton MA
    You were fabulous to work with and my newly organized ‘clothing life’ feels so great! It’s put a spring in my step all yesterday and today! I actually enjoyed picking out my clothes!
    H.F.K., Newton MA
  • S.F., Newton MA
    I have just come from the accountant [for my tax appointment] and I had to tell you – he was so incredibly impressed. He said he never expected me to be this organized when I came in. So thank you so much – I couldn’t have done it without you!
    S.F., Newton MA
  • A.G., Newton MA
    I simply could not have done this transition without your vision, focus and practicality. Double thumbs-up from B. Have the reluctant husbands call him to hear about the endless benefits of having you come whip things into shape.
    A.G., Newton MA
  • J.C., Weston MA
    I’m so happy with the increased breathing capacity in my office… Thanks so much for all your help!
    J.C., Weston MA
  •  S.R., Needham MA
    I’m beyond satisfied.
    S.R., Needham MA
  • S.F., Newton MA
    I always feel lighter after we work together.
    S.F., Newton MA
  • G.M., Newton MA
    Thank you so much for your skillful and professional organizing services. I can find my clothes, and the front hallway looks great! Bit by bit I’m well on my way to organizing the house.
    G.M., Newton MA
  • M.L., Sudbury MA
    I just wanted to let you know how happy I’ve been with the work we did! Every time I go downstairs, I am pleasantly surprised to see that nice, empty counter top in the laundry room. I brought one of my favorite scented reed bottles into the workshop. The ambiance in there is changing from clutter to hopefulness. I’m looking forward to our next session!
    M.L., Sudbury MA

Your Organized Workspace

When Disorganization Impacts Productivity

The work world keeps speeding up. The boundaries between work and personal time keep blurring.  It’s hard to prioritize getting things in order when work feels so pressing. But without attention, things can get out of control.

If you’re running a home-based business without a well-organized workspace, you can spend time looking for misplaced items rather than focusing that time on your business.  If you’re a small business, academic, or nonprofit, it can be difficult to invest the time and resources in organizing, leading to a buildup of clutter, outdated files, and inconsistent processes.

By organizing your workspace, Hildy can lift the psychological burden of clutter and disorganization, helping you overcome obstacles to your productivity and enabling you to focus on meeting your goals.

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  • President of nonprofit organization, Newton MA
    Disorganization for me carries negativity and dread. I don’t even realize how much it gets me down until I feel the surge of positive energy that comes with putting things in order, thanks to Hildy! She walks in and turns the negativity into empowerment. The results leave me with feelings of accomplishment and relief. It makes me happy beyond words.
    President of nonprofit organization, Newton MA
  • Creativity Coach, Brookline MA
    You have a calm and consistent way of guiding me through the process… even when it gets hard.
    Creativity Coach, Brookline MA
  • Interior Designer, Newton MA
    Her “abilities, professionalism, attitude and knowledge” are “above and beyond.”
    Interior Designer, Newton MA
  • Photographer, Newton MA
    Am now sitting at my desk and can’t tell you how happy I am… A much, much better use of office space. You are indeed a daily life therapist. I was definitely feeling paralyzed and now feel like I’m moving ahead…
    Photographer, Newton MA
  • R.M.
    It’s as if you’re teaching me to fly.
    Law School Professor

Her Approach

Designing Customized Systems And Processes

What does being organized means to you? By using organizing principles to improve the lives of her clients, Hildy does more than just reduce clutter. She understands each client’s vision and creates customized ways to get and stay there. For each individual, she adapts her approach to meet their particular goals, unique situations, and personal styles.

The Hildy Neumann formula is simple: blending expertise (a working knowledge of organizing principles), experience (gained from working with other clients in similar situations), resources (a familiarity with complementary products and services), and objectivity (to guide you through necessary decisions) with motivation (to support and strengthen your commitment to better organization).

Whether you’re cleaning out a backlog, preparing a home for sale, or transforming a space, Hildy tackles clutter and disorganization with the head of a management consultant, the eye of a designer, and the heart of a caring friend.

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About Hildy Neumann

Providing Organizing And Productivity Services to Greater Boston Since 2003

When I was a little girl, my favorite “job” was organizing my mother’s jewelry box.  Before I started, the box would be a jumble of colors, materials and textures.  I would take everything out and sort it into piles – one for necklaces, one for earrings and one for rings (she wasn’t much for bracelets). Once everything was sorted, I’d start putting things back. I loved how the box had different compartments for each type of jewelry – long sections for the necklaces, little compartments for individual pairs of earrings, and padded slots to hold the rings.  I carefully untangled chains and snarled strands of beads, and diligently reunited missing earrings with their mates.  When everything was back in its place, I’d admire my accomplishment and feel a real sense of satisfaction.  And I’d think about my mother’s pleasure when, getting ready for some special occasion, she’d open up her jewelry box, see all her options, and choose exactly the right piece for her outfit, mood, and event.

Hildy has come a long way since she straightened out her mother’s jewelry box. During 20+ years in IT management consulting and technology marketing support, she learned a lot about problem solving and strategy development, as well as consulting approaches and project management.

Along the way, she discovered a passion for improving people’s lives through organization. Her clients include individuals and families, self-employed and home-based professionals, small businesses, nonprofits, and academics.  She’s also active in several professional associations.

That childhood memory often comes back to her when working on a client project.  Once again, she finds herself sorting through piles of mixed-up objects and making order of the chaos. And somewhere her mother is smiling.

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Hildy’s Observations

By clearing the clutter from our lives, we create space for what’s most important and opportunities for transformation.

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