hero-header-organized-office-with-blue-wall Create balance between your stuff and your life.

Transform Your Space

Get rid of the clutter that gets in your way

We have so much stuff coming into our lives… it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The challenge is to decide what we really need in order to feel calm and be productive, and to let go of what doesn’t support those goals.

I can help you pare down the clutter to what’s essential, making room for your space to work as it should. It’s more than organizing — it’s transforming the way that you think about things and space.

Together we can ease the psychological burden of clutter and disorganization, enabling you to focus on what’s really important.

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  • Real Estate Broker, Dover MA
    “I can’t begin to tell you how amazing my afternoon with Hildy was. She completely transformed my office and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say my life as well… You have no idea how much stress has been relieved.”
    Real Estate Broker, Dover MA

Conquer Your Paper

Clear out the paper so you can find the information

If you’re greeted by piles of unopened mail and unmanaged papers when you enter your workspace, you probably feel stressed and overwhelmed and find it difficult to focus. I can help you streamline a dysfunctional filing system — or create a new one — and show you how to use and maintain it as your work and personal life evolves.

With an effective system you can rely on, you’ll feel satisfied that you’ve kept important papers and confident that you can find documents when you need them. With your backlog of papers cleared, you’ll feel a sense of lightness and relief of the burden of unmanaged paper clutter.

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  • Graphic Designer, Sudbury MA
    “I was really stuck managing boxes that contained papers not only from my late husband, but also my parents. Hildy helped me break the logjam so I could get important papers filed away, and shred and recycle the rest. Every little bit that left the house felt like success! The experience was life-changing. I’m encouraged to know that change is very possible.”
    Graphic Designer, Sudbury MA

Power Your Productivity

By maximizing efficiency, effectiveness and energy

Time is a precious and limited resource. The work world keeps accelerating and the boundaries between work and personal time keep blurring. We all have the same number of hours in the day – why is it that some people seem to get so much more accomplished? There can be many reasons but one thing’s clear: without systems, it’s hard to manage your time and get your most important work done, leading to stress and anxiety as you worry about things “falling through the cracks.”

I can help you develop ways to gain control over your workday and reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed by everything that’s on your plate. By optimizing your email processing and organizing your computer files, you’ll gain a sense of relief and satisfaction that you can easily find the information you need, when you need it. By editing your To Do list, you’ll gain clarity and declutter your brain. By improving your scheduling and planning practices, you’ll align the way you spend your time with your priorities. Bottom line: you’ll be better positioned to make steady progress toward growing your business and achieving your professional goals.

And if you simply need someone to help you power through specific projects, I can partner with you to get them to completion.

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  • Law School Professor, Newton MA
    “Hildy made me realize the value of organization and also that it was something I could accomplish. I learned just because I save something once doesn’t mean it needs to be saved forever. Also that when I write something down, sometimes the purpose of doing so is to help me remember or think, and it’s not necessarily the case that I need to keep everything I have written. My office and computer and life feel so much more under control.”
    Law School Professor, Newton MA

My Approach

Designing Customized Systems And Solutions

What does being organized and productive mean to you?

I strive to understand each client’s vision and create customized ways to help them get organized and become more productive, and stay there.

My formula is simple: blending expertise (a working knowledge of organizing and productivity principles), experience (gained from working with other clients in similar situations), resources (a familiarity with complementary products and services), and objectivity (to guide you through necessary decisions) with motivation (to support and strengthen your commitment to better organization and productivity). I adapt my approach to meet the particular goals, unique situations, and personal styles of each individual. Environmental consciousness and a sense of fun are two other key ingredients.

I tackle clutter, disorganization and inefficiency with the head of a problem solver, the eye of a designer, and the heart of a caring friend.

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  • Business Coach, Brookline MA
    “Hildy has a calm and consistent way of guiding me through the process… even when it gets hard.”
    Business Coach, Brookline MA

About Hildy

Providing Organizing And Productivity Services to Greater Boston Since 2003

When I was a little girl, my favorite “job” was organizing my mother’s jewelry box. Before I started, the box would be a jumble of colors, materials and textures. I would take everything out and sort it into piles – one for necklaces, one for earrings and one for rings (she wasn’t much for bracelets). Once everything was sorted, I’d start putting things back. I loved how the box had different compartments for each type of jewelry – long sections for the necklaces, little compartments for individual pairs of earrings, and padded slots to hold the rings. I carefully untangled chains and snarled strands of beads, and diligently reunited missing earrings with their mates. When everything was back in its place, I’d admire my accomplishment and feel a real sense of satisfaction. And I’d think about my mother’s pleasure when, getting ready for some special occasion, she’d open up her jewelry box, see all her options, and choose exactly the right piece for her outfit, mood, and event.

I’ve come a long way since I straightened out my mother’s jewelry box. During 20+ years in IT management consulting and technology marketing support, I learned a lot about problem solving and strategy development, as well as consulting approaches and project management techniques.

Along the way, I discovered a passion for improving people’s lives through better organization and improved productivity. My clients include self-employed professionals, small businesses, nonprofits, and those in academia.

That childhood memory often returns when I’m working on a client project. Whether the issue is a cluttered office, a mountain of paper or a calendar covered with tasks scribbled on sticky notes, I’m still making order out of chaos and making someone a little happier as a result.

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  • Therapist, Newton MA
    “I always feel lighter after we work together.”
    Therapist, Newton MA
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By clearing the clutter from our lives, we create space for what’s most important and opportunities for transformation and growth.

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